Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today is national take your child to work day. What a great way to get your kids thinking about what they'd like to do and what career path to choose. Why make it just one time a year? I was looking on KSL and found a news story that listed many fun sites where kids can pretend and create.
It is very important for kids to get the chance to use their imagination and to create. Unfortunately this is a place where many schools lack so looking for alternative creating activities is important.
For the next few days I will highlight games that encourage kids to create.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Underground Railroad

Here is a neat site to help kids understand how the Underground Railroad worked. It's done by National Geographic, one of my favorite sites. Remember those books where as you read you got to decide how the story would go. They would say things like "You are at a fork in the road, if you want to turn left go to page 10 and continue reading. If you want to turn Right keep reading." This site is like that. Your choices determine what happens. You begin your journey as a slave in the 1850's and you are asked if you want to escape to freedom.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Khan Academy

I finally heard about a great site to help high school students with math. It's called Khan Academy. I haven't seen anything like this yet but wow. It's a site full of videos and practice lessons to help everyone understand math. They have a library of offer 2,000 videos on a variety of topics. The ones I watched were short but very helpful. This is a wonderful resource for parents helping older children with higher level math. It's also a great place for students to go when they just can't remember what the teacher said or how to do the homework.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Noun videos

I was just talking to my son about nouns and I remembered that Schoolhouse Rock has a wonderful noun song. I got on youtube and let him watch it. When it was over he clicked on one of the other videos that came up which is an updated noun song. It's really upbeat and fun. I also like that you can sing along with the video because it provides the words to the song. There aren't any characters but it definitely tells what a noun is and has a very catchy tune.