Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adapted Mind

Here is another leveled site. This site has leveled reading and math. The thing I was really excited about with this site is that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Many of the sites I look at charge tons and for a family like mine that would like to use it for multiple children the numbers add up quickly. This AdaptedMind only charges $9.95 a month.

I played on the site for a little while and found a claim that the site's curriculum is aligned with the states standards. With the majority of the states currently using Common Core Curriculum that is probably true. 
There weren't very many bells and whistles to this site which can be good for some kids. I also didn't see any ads so kids can't easily get to places they shouldn't be. They have a reward system set up for the kids as they earn points for completing assignments and earning points. 

I really like that this site does both reading and math so you only have to pay the one monthly fee for both subjects.


  1. I have been emailing Adaptmind for weeks now regarding resetting my password. I have not gotten any response. I am a tutor and I have not been able to use my membership because I have not been able to log in. Adaptmind doesn't provide a telephone number so I am not able to call. Since I'm having problems with the site I want to cancel my membership, but I can only cancel on the website after I log in; which I am not able to do. If anyone can help me please contact me at

  2. Have your financial institution (credit card, bank) block payment.

  3. The website is very questionable to me. My daughter tried it and the navigation is terrible. She was working on 7th grade Math, finished a practice, then made us sign up or forget it. We signed up. Tried to get back to grade 7 Math and we never could, even after signing up. It kept telling us that our free trial was over even though we had just signed up. I immediately cancelled my account. Very poor. There are better sites out there!

  4. Started the trial period for my three daughters - now the website is unreachable so they not only can't use it, we might not be able cancel at the end of the free trial if we aren't happy with it.