Monday, April 18, 2016


I was recently introduced to Mobymax. Mobymax is a sight for homeschool parents and teachers alike. My kids have fallen in love with Mobymax and it has a FREE package and a pro membership package. The pro membership is $99 for a full year for as many students as you'd like to add. 
My kids and I just did the free account which was awesome. I was able to pick and choose what subjects I wanted them to have. This site did have a placement test that each child began on their level. My kids enjoyed seeing what level they were on. MobyMax is Common Core aligned and they pride them selves on being built "from the ground up on Common Core Standards." One of the things I loved about MobyMax is my kids could work on their level whether it was above or below their peers, or across different levels in different grade subjects. My oldest placed in 6th grade vocabulary, 4th grade math, and 4th grade reading, he is currently in 3rd grade. He loved that he was being challenged academically. My daughter loves that she can pick what subject she works on. 

It was very easy to sign up for. When you first sign up it gives you a free trial of the Pro Mobymax program where you can see how your kids are doing and where they are. If you are using the free version you only get to see what they are working on and their percentages of how well they are doing.

If you are signing up as a home school Moby Max will give you a school number. This is an important number to remember because you will sign your kids up under this number and they will have to type in that number before they can log in. You can use MobyMax as a homeschool program or as a supplement for your kids who already attend school.

The program picks the level for your kids based on the way they answer the questions on the placement test. My kids didn't like how long the placement test took but it's necessary. It was question, after question. They did like that they could earn game time depending on how long they play. The more time they spend in their lessons and learning the more time they get to spend playing games. The games are only available if you purchase the Pro package.

I also loved that I can pick what subjects my kids do. If I notice that they are consistently skipping a subject I can turn off the others so they have to work on that subject.

All in all it's a neat program. I love that it's only $99 for a full year for as many students as you'd like to add. The Free package is good and will help your kids with reading, math, science, and many more subjects but the free package doesn't give parents as much information as to how their kids are doing or what they are struggling with.

The site doesn't have any banners or ads that could lead kids to sites that could get them in trouble.

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