Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family History Stories

Getting young kids interested in history is as easy as telling the stories of those who lived before. Reading a history book can be boring but reading personal stories of those who lived through the events can make a historical event come alive. These stories can be slightly altering and made kid friendly and will quickly become bedtime favorites.

My husband is a descendant of Elizabeth Crook Panting. She led an amazing life and saw many miracles. I adapted her life story into a children's book for a family reunion and my kids love to read it. Here's a sample:

Part of her story can be read here and here Her story was also featured in the movie 17 Miracles

I had this book bound so it will last for along time. If you don't want to pay for bound books you can always print them off at a print shop and have them spiral bound or put them in sheet protectors in a binder. If you have family pictures try to incorporate them into the story, or find pictures on the internet from the era.

I also wrote my husband's and my story into a children's book.  It has also become a family favorite.

History doesn't have to be a boring list of events and dates. We need to learn from history, our history and the history of others. The more relatable history is the more we can learn from it. Kids love stories and can pick out the moral of a story quickly or can begin to develop  or understand a character trait. It takes a little time to make these stories come alive but they will quickly become family treasures! 

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